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Mulji Ladhubhai Modha
Academic Field:
Years at RTC:
1959-1964 and 1967-1968
Town of origin:
Kakira, Uganda
Recent Residence:
Winnipeg, Canada
Life after RTC:
Mulji received his B.Sc (General Degree; 2nd Class Honours) at University College of Nairobi in 1964.
He received his MSc degree at University College of Nairobi in September,1968; His thesis was entitled: The ecology of the Nile crocodile of Central Island, Lake Rudolf.

The various jobs he had after leaving the University:
? Biologist/ Wildlife Warden, Kenya Wildlife Department (1965-1969)
? Wildlife Research Officer, Kenya Wildlife Department (1970-1973)
? Senior Wildlife Warden, Kenya Wildlife Department (1974-1975)
? Project Co-Manager, UNDP/FAO Kenya Wildlife Management Project (1976-1977)
? Senior Biologist, Kenya Wildlife Department (1977-1979)
? Chief Biologist (Deputy Director), Kenya Wildlife Department (1980 -1989)

Mulji married Kusum Sthankiya in 1970. They and their son, Ashok, lived in Masai Mara Game Reserve for 5 years. (Ashok was born (1972) in Nairobi and spent the first 5 years of his life in the Masai Mara!). They moved to Nairobi and Geeta, their daughter, was born in Nairobi in 1978.

Mulji and his family moved to Canada in 1989. He joined his three brothers who all lived in Manitoba. In Winnipeg, he had great difficulty finding work in his field, always being told that he was over-qualified for the various wildlife jobs. He made a large sacrifice for his family and worked in several unrelated jobs. Mulji worked at his nephews? clothing company, Mondetta. He also worked at Ducks Unlimited Canada and the North West Company.

His family is very proud of him as he was featured in a documentary entitled Crocophiles. He acted as a wildlife expert/ecologist/naturalist/consultant in this fascinating documentary produced by Force Four Productions. It was filmed in Kenya (Central Island), Australia (Darwin) and Cuba (Zapata Swamp) and was aired on the Discovery Channel in 2003.

Mulji retired when he was 65, in 2004.

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