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Prof Prakash Vyas
Academic Field:
Years at RTC:
Town of origin:
Mombasa, Kenya
Recent Residence:
Life after RTC:
I was at RTC for only two important critical years of my life. That is when not only did my A-levels but also matured from a shy-boy to a man and made some lifelong friends. It was my first taste of freedom away from family and learning to be responsible for myself.

Due to family circumstances I had to move to England where I finished my engineering degree in Birmingham. Here is where I matured in to a man of the world. The political climate in England at the time was such that I thought I would be better off elsewhere.

Went back to Mombasa; got married to a beautiful neighbour (Aruna) and moved to Canada.

Worked in the Auto-industry as a design-engineer for several years. Had two kids (Hema and Vijay). Enjoyed family life. Both kids doing well in their own professional fields.

Always taught evening classes when I was in industry and when the opportunity came; I became a full time Professor in Design and later in Math.

But Aruna passed away about 15years ago. I live alone and am making the most of my retired life.

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